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Thu Aug 15 04:11:16 PDT 2019

> So QochHa' can mean undoing a state of  > disagreement, or it can mean
> with the wrong thing or at an
> inappropriate time.

I would like to discuss this a little more, just to be certain that I
understand {QochHa'} correctly.

By "undoing a state of disagreement", we mean that "we disagreed and now we
agree again".

By "disagreeing with the wrong thing", we mean that "I thought it was a
fox, you thought it was a dog, so we disagreed, although what it actually
was, was a sheep".

By "disagreeing at an inappropriate time", we mean that "the time was
inappropriate because it was late at night, or because we where disagreeing
about feeding the cat while our planet was collapsing".

Are the above correct ?

~ hchchc
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