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James Gromis dagwoodsandwich56 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 14:02:14 PDT 2019

Dear Klingonists,
In march I reached out to one of the biggest chess sites in the world,
lichess.org, in order to start a klingon localization for the site. After
many months of having forgotten about this request, it has been approved.
Although we're all quite busy people, I hope that any at all klingonists
who have the time will help contribute to this project.
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Hello James Gromis,

You've got a message at Crowdin in conversation "(No Subject)"
from Clean-shaven <https://crowdin.com/profile/Clean-shaven>:

"Hi James, I help coordinate lichess translations. I saw your message to
the owner account from March. I'm sorry that it wasn't picked up, we don't
really look at that account. I'm pleased to say however that we have added
Klingon to the language list and in fact took the opportunity to add most
languages we'd like to see lichess in one day. You can start translating
here: https://crowdin.com/project/lichess/tlh-AA :D

I don't know much about Star Trek, but I regret to say 3D chess won't be on
lichess anytime soon. Thanks to your efforts though, perhaps the Klingons
can have a better appreciation of our habits when the inevitable invasion
comes... or however that works. Thanks, and if you have any questions just
send me a message!"

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Kind regards,
Crowdin Team

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