[tlhIngan Hol] Desperate situations

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 01:21:21 PDT 2019


It is one of the most unfortunate characteristics of life..

You can try to plan for everything, work your hardest, act your best,
but still things go to shit.

And some people finally have to face situations, which others don't
want to even have to think about.

And while they're sinking in despair, and start behaving accordingly,
there's always the Sa'Hut qung..

The human trash, who sits in his expensive house, having money, wife,
children, friends..

However passing judgement on people who acted out of despair, talking
shit, and using platitudes like "everyone goes through trouble, so
what ?", "he was weak" etc..

Human trash, who from the comfort of an easy life, passes judgement on
the misfortune of people, he knows nothing about.

If there is a hell, I hope there is a special place reserved for
people like this, and I hope they burn in it.


law'bogh D'Ionmey Do'Ha' ghaj yIn; Do'Ha' 'op 'ej DoHa'qu' 'op.. wa'
DI'on Do'Ha'qu' 'oH DI'on'e' vIDelbogh.

Hoch DuHmey qab DajunmeH bInablaH, ghu'mey qab DajunmeH bIvumqu'laH,
po'wI' DaDalaH, 'a tagha' meQchu' Hoch.

'ej tagha', 'op ghu'mey bobamnIS 'op nuv; 'ej tlhoy qabmo' ghu'meyvam,
ghu'meyvam Qub latlhpu' luneHbe'.

'ej, ghu'mey QIl bIQ'a'Daq 'oqtaHvIS 'op, 'ej QIlwI' luDachoH, reH
petaQ tu'lu'..

veQ Human ghaH; juHDaj waghDaq ba', 'ej Huch yapqu', be'nal, puqpu',
juppu' je ghaj.

'a, QIlwI' luDabogh nuvpu' HIvqang, nuvpu'vam nuStaH, 'ej qIchmeH
mu'mey QIp jatlh: {ghu'mey qay' bam Hoch, vaj qatlh potlh nuvpu'vam
'oy' ?}, {pujpu' ghaH}, latlh je.

veQ Human.. yIn ngeD SIQtaHvIS, Do'Ha'bogh latlhpu' HIvqangtaH,
latlhpu' Sovbe'bogh qIchqangtaH.

ghe''or tu'lu'chugh, vaj nuvpu'vamvaD ghe''or Daq le' tu'lu' 'e'
vItul, 'ej pa' meQtaH veQ Humanvam 'e' vItul je.

~ hjkjhkkjh

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