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Fri Aug 2 10:26:06 PDT 2019


Perhaps its human nature to believe that we have unlimited time and
opportunities, unfortunately though, often we end up never having said
things which really matter.


Translating the new testament, I'm being rather impressed by the fact,
that although its complex and difficult as hell, I can't say that I
find any considerable difficulty, and finally I get the job done.

However, I realize, that in order for that to happen, first I needed
to learn, and in order to learn many people here needed to combine
their resources and systematically teach me, answering literally
thousands of questions in the past three years and something.

Because I don't know whether I'll be run over by a bus or something,
before that happens, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who
taught me. I'm grateful.

Of course, this doesn't mean, that in the darkness of space, our ships
will not engage once more, as has happened repeatedly in the past..

But, since you admire klingon ideology, then you should know, that the
reason I argue with the people I argue, is because I know they are
strong and they can take it.

After all, while you're invading klingon territory, and suddenly you
see a vor'cha battle cruiser, how is it possible, not wanting to fire
everything against it ?



not Dor poHmaj; not ghang 'ebmeymaj. chaq, Human tIq DI'onmey le'mo'
'e' wIHar, 'a, Do'Ha', pIj qaSpu'DI' Hegh, potlhqu'bogh ngoDmey


mab chu' vImughtaHvIS, Dojbej wa' ngoD; Qatlhchu' Qu'vam. Qatlhchu'
'ej ngeDbe'bej.. ghe''or rur. 'ach, jIHvaD, Sengchu'be', 'ej reH,
Qu'vam vIturlaH.

'ach, qaSmeH wanI'vam, wa'DIch jIghojnISpu'; 'e' vItlhoj. 'ej
jIghojmeH, jIHvaD jochaj bonnISpu' QIn tetlhvam nuv law', 'ej
jIghojmeH ghelnISpu' je nuvpu'vam, SaDlogh law' jIgheltaHvIS,
qaStaHvIS wej vI' vagh DIS vorgh.

chaq, tugh muHoH lupwI'. qIt. vaj, qaSpa' wanI'vam, Hoch
ghojmoHwI'wI'vaD jIjatlhnIS, Satlho', tlho'wIj boghajbej.

'ach, petoj'eghQo'.. chaq, Hopbogh logh HurghDaq malengtaHvIS, chaq
maHarghchuqqa'.. pa'logh, pIj may' wISIQpu', 'ej ghaytan, may'

'ach, llhIngan qangtlhIn boHo'mo', SutlhojnIS.. jISolchoHpa',
gholwI'pu' vIwIv. 'ej 'op nuv vIwIv, HoSmo', 'ej SIQlaHmo'.

'ej, tagha', wa' ngoD botlhojnIS..

tlhIngan Daq'a', yottaHvIS vay', 'ej pay' vorcha' Duj leghchoHDI',
DujvamvaD Hoch nuHmeyDaj chu'bej.. chay' wIvvam wIvlaHbe' vay' ?

~ hjkhjkhj

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