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Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, September 28, 2018

Klingon word: ley'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: nose (regional)

(KGT 28):  A small amount of regional variation is also found among words referring to body parts, though almost always, words for the different body parts are the same in all dialects. One exception is the word for "nose," which is {ghIch} everywhere but in some regions may alternatively be called {ley'}.

(HQ 12.4:8):  Air, for example, comes into and out of the nose or mouth.  The word for breath is {tlhuH}, and that for breathe is also {tlhuH}.  To breathe in, or inhale, is {pur}; to breathe out, or exhale, is {rech}.  To breathe noisily, or wheeze, is {jev}  ...  To breathe even more noisily, or snore, is {wuD}.

ghIch  		nose (n)

- boch; ghIch rur 
   shiny as a nose (common simile) KGT

- boch ghIjraj 
   Your nose is shiny. TKD

- ghIchwIj DabochmoHchugh ghIchlIj qanob 
   If you shine my nose, I will give you your nose. PK

- ghIchDaj yIQotlh! 
   Disable his/her nose! KGT

- ghIchwIj vISIq 
   I touch my nose with my index finger. (HQ 10.2)

- ghIchwIjDaq jISIq 
   I point at my nose with my index finger. (HQ 10.2)

- ghIchwIjDaq jISIq'egh 
   I pick my nose with my index finger. (HQ 10.2)

tlhon 		nostril (n)
Du'ran 		philtrum (n)

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