[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: ra'Duch tIQ

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Thu Sep 20 08:30:41 PDT 2018

Klingon word: ra'Duch tIQ
Part of speech: noun
Definition: equilateral triangle (lit: ancient triangle)
Source: Marc Okrand at European qepHom 1/25/2014

ra'Duch  		triangle (n) (qepHom 2014)
ra'Duch quv  		isosceles triangle 
ra'Duch puj  		scalene triangle
ra'Duch tIQ  		equilateral triangle
ra'Duch tut 		prism (three-sided base)
(De'vID @ qepHom 2014, 11/16/2014):  Traditionally (meaning long ago), angles were measured using a unit called a {law}.  Using the decimal counting system, there were 243 {lawmey} in a {gho} (circle), and each angle in a {ra'Duch tIQ} (equilateral triangle) had 40.5 {lawmey}.  These days, Klingons reckon angles the way most of the galaxy does.  The unit of measure (degree) is a {lawrI'} (some people say {law chu'}, though that's used less and less), and there are 360 {lawrI'mey} in a {gho} and 60 {lawrI'mey} in each angle of a {ra'Duch tIQ}.  ...  {tIQ} in {ra'Duch tIQ} "equilateral triangle" is used for triangles only.  For other polygons with equal sides/angles, the word {HoS} is used instead.

vayya'  			isosceles triangle (syn. of {ra'Duch quv})
mey' 			polygon
meyrI' 			square
letbaq 			rectangle
tajvaj 			angle
Dop 			side

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