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Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Klingon word: ngaS
Part of speech: verb
Definition: contain (have inside)

jagh lucharghlu'ta'bogh HuH ghopDu'lIj lungaSjaj 
May the bile of the vanquished fill your hands! PK

bIQ ngaS HIvje' 
The cup contains water.
 (idiom: be quite mistaken, be totally wrong")  KGT

 bIQ ngaS HIvje'lIj 
Your cup contains water (i.e. "You're all wrong"). KGT

yoq yIn yuQ 'oH Qo'noS'e'.  yInSIp voQSIp je ngaS muDDaj. 
Qo'noS is a class-M planet with an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. S27

bIQ lungaS 'aDDu'Daj 
Water flows through his veins. PB

ngaS 'aplo' 
contents [i.e. "the box contains"] (Monopoly Box)

(IMO, HQ 7.4):   When asked about {bav} ["orbit"], Okrand says "You don't need a {-Daq}. Just use whatever it is that you are orbiting. When subsequently asked about {ngaS}, Okrand says "Same thing."

(KGT 98f):  A container from which drinks are consumed is a {HIvje'}. This word is used for any sort of drinking vessel: glass, cup, mug, stein, goblet, tumbler, and so on. 

N.B. for "contain (an enemy)" use {Sev}.

qat 		wrap, encase (v)
Dech  		surround (v)
wegh 		confine (v)
buy' 		be full (V)
teb 		fill (v)
jo' 		blow into a container of some kind (v)
qang 		pour (from one container into another) (v)

qoD 		inside, interior (n)
botlh  		center,  middle (n)
'aplo' 		[small?] container (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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