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Add {lIt} "get on(to)" and {lItHa'} "get off", which also work for mount and dismount a riding animal -- at least until we have more information.


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(KGT 111):  A Klingon *sark* ({Sargh}) is an animal somewhat resembling a Terran horse, both in appearance and in that Klingons (generally individually) often ride on the animal's back.

(ghunchu'wI', 8/21/11):  The *khrun* [{Hun}] is described in other resources as a Klingon riding animal. Note: this isn't the way we saw it in the draft of the opera. After being reminded that the name of the animal had been given a tlhIngan Hol rendering in Keith DeCandido's book _A Burning House_, Marc Okrand decided to use the already published spelling.

  The *klongat* {tlhonghaD} is "A beast native to {Qo'noS} that is much larger than a targ and more difficult to subdue. Sometimes used as a riding beast." (_A Burning House_)

  There is an omnivorous riding animal called a *s'tarahk* mentioned in the novel _Kahless_ by Michael Jan Friedman.  

  The *minn'hor* is an ox-like carnivorous animal used for riding.  (_Kahless_)

SeD 		drive (a land vehicle) (v)
raQpo' 		passenger (n)

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