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Klingon word: qIvon
Part of speech: noun
Definition: an unspecified body part
Source: KGT (224 KE, 236 EK)

  bIrchugh qIvon tuj 'Iw 
  If the qIvon is cold, the blood is hot. TKW 

(TKW 174):  the real meaning of the saying is a little obscure. It probably means something like "Even though some parts of the body may be cold, a Klingon's blood is hot" -- that is, he is ready for battle.  It is not clear what a {qIvon} is, aside from the fact that it is a Klingon body part...

 (Okrand, st.k 6/29/1997):  I tried to `pursue' the meaning of {qIvon}. Maltz seemed a little reluctant to talk about it. (I'd say "embarrassed," but that word is entirely inappropriate to use in describing a Klingon.) The next time the bloodwine is flowing freely, I'll try to remember to bring it up again. But I've noticed that, for me, anyway, bloodwine and memory don't mix.

(mIqIraH, [date?]):  The Okuda Omnipedia identifies *QiVon* as being another word for knee. 
(ghunchu'wI', [date?]): At qep'a' wejDIch we played the `hokey-pokey' with Klingon body part names... For {qIvon}, everyone looked a bit confused--including Marc--and just put the whole body `in' and `out'.

(Holtej, [2005]):  It was during the [{qep'a'}] cabaret, and Krankor observed that it's difficult to really do the Hokey Pokey in Klingon without being able to say "and that's what it's all about."  In years past, it's all sung in English, except for the actual names of the body parts.  "You put your {qIvon} in, you put your {qIvon} out..." and so on.  So Marc asked Krankor, if the word, were, say {bop}, how would you use it?  Krankor replied that he'd say {'e' bop} "that's what it's all about."  To which Marc responded, "That's what it is."

Kor's left {qIvon} aches whenever his ship hits Warp-Factor 8. (DS9 "Blood Oath")

qIv  		knee (n)
'IvtIH 		hip (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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