[tlhIngan Hol] [The Little Prince] Is {DI'raq} "sheep" new canon?

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sun Sep 2 09:32:04 PDT 2018

> On Sep 2, 2018, at 10:00, De'vID <de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've always suspended {DIj} to be related to the words {bo'DIj} and {ghIpDIj}. I don't know what that tells us, though.

Maybe, and this is almost certainly over-hypothesizing, it could be a reference to some kind of traditional trial by feat, where the parties seeking a judgement {DIj} their blades against each other in something like an arm wrestle, and the judgement comes from the result of that.

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