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Klingon word: baj
Part of speech: verb
Definition: earn (can take a sentence as object), work for (actively) 	
Source: KGT

  yInlu'taH 'e' bajnISlu' 
  Survival must be earned. TKW

  yay chavlu' 'e' bajnISlu' 
  Victory must be earned. TKW

  vuv be' 'e' baj 
  earn that a woman respect him (i.e. win the favor of a women) KGT

  yejvamvaD jeSmeH DIb Dabajbe'pu'. 
  You have not earned a seat at this council. (DSC/Qov? "Battle At the Binary Stars")

(KGT 69):  Though any perceived attack on one's honor may prompt one to issue a challenge, in one traditional form of duel, the goal is specifically for a man to "win the favor of a women" ({vuv be' 'e' baj} [literally, "earn that a woman respect him"]) by competing with another man.

(HQ 12.3:9):  [Maltz] then went on, though a bit begrudgingly, to say that {quv} was a sort of personal honor, the kind over which, by one's behavior, one has some control. This sort of Honor is earned, can be bestowed on one, and is associated with reputation, dignity, and respect.

(Gowron discussing his d'k tahg, KCD novel p.12):  But a Klingon is not born a warrior. Being a warrior is something that must be earned. Before I earned this knife, I owned a {ghojmeH taj}, a boy's knife.

Martok spent five years as a civilian laborer aboard General ShiVang's flagship. When the Romulans made a foolhardy attempt to board the ship, Martok earned a battlefield commission. (DS9 "Once More Unto the Breach"):  

"Respect is earned, not bestowed." (Troi, TNG "The Icarus Factor")

qotlh 		deserve,  warrant (v)

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