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>> I wonder if something similar goes on in Klingon, not with animals,
>> but with computers that have a natural language interface. Would a
>> Klingon who used such a computer regularly start to unconsciously
>> refer to the computer as a ghaH?
> This doesn't directly answer your question, but in English, ships are "she", while in Klingon, they're {'oH}. While Federation ships talk (or their computers do), the only instance I can recall of a Klingon talking ship or computer is in Discovery. (There's a scene where a device announces something about atmospheric pressurisation to L'Rell, but it's very brief and she does not refer to the device by a pronoun. But in any case, the Klingon wasn't written by Okrand.)

In Star Trek III, when (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) the Klingon crew boards the Enterprise while the self destruct sequence is activated, one of Kruge’s officers reports “… the bridge appears to be run by computer. It is the only thing speaking.”

Unfortunately, the audience’s universal translator was stuck in the on state for this scene so perhaps we’ll never know exactly how that line was delivered in the original Klingon.

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