[tlhIngan Hol] [The Little Prince] Is {DI'raq} "sheep" new canon?

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> ghItlhpu' De'vID, jatlh:
> > Actually, wouldn't the object of {DIj} be a pigment stick, i.e., the
> command
> > ought to have been something like {DI'raq DachenmoHmeH rItlh naQ yIDIj}?
> Given that KGT's definition of {DIj} is "use a {rItlh naQ}, paint with a
> {rItlh naQ}" (in the text) and "use a pigment stick, paint with pigment
> stick", no parentheses in either case, I'd have thought {rItlh naQ} is
> the one thing that would never be used as its object. The {rItlh naQ} is
> expressly included in the definition of the verb.

Okay, but what if I draw a picture of a pigment stick with a pigment stick,
then underneath it write {rItlh naQ 'oHbe' Dochvam'e'}. rItlh naQ

While we have no overt sign of how {DIj} might work with an object, absent
> other evidence I don't have any problem at all with the use of {DIj} with
> the depiction as the object.

The painting-{DIj} is clearly the same verb as the bat'leth-{DIj}. What
would you {DIj} with a bat'leth? Presumably the opponent's sword. In that
case, I'd think the object of painting-{DIj} is the surface you're scraping
your pigment stick on

I've always suspended {DIj} to be related to the words {bo'DIj} and
{ghIpDIj}. I don't know what that tells us, though. Maybe in the past, when
you court-martialed someone, you painted something on their *{ghIp}.


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