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> > Would a Klingon say {SaHa'ra'} or {SaHa'ra' Deb}?
> > That is, is the "desert" idea implicit in the name?
> Well, Terran country names seem to stand on their own, and based on the
> gloss I would expect the same here, but I suspect that it may depend on the
> speaker's familiarity with the place, or the listener's anticipated
> familiarity.
> When speaking to a Terran Klingon, «SaHa'ra'» would probably suffice, but
> when speaking to an audience of Klingons who haven't taken Earth studies
> 101, you may need to specify «tera' yuQ 'avrI'qa' yuwey Sa'Hara' Deb».

It might also depend on the type of object it is. Note that all
fruits/vegetables with borrowed names are {X naH} in Klingon, but native
fruits/vegetables don't require {naH}, and foreign fruits/vegetables
labeled using Klingon names are {tera' X}. However, native regions seem to
be named {X Sep} whereas foreign ones are seemingly not. I was wondering
which way geographic features fall, i.e., whether you have to say "Mount
Hood {HuD}".

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