[tlhIngan Hol] Greetings and a question

James Stephenson c4p7.fl1n7 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 15:17:25 PDT 2018

Hello all.

My name is James and I *will* learn Klingon, or give up in shame and
ignominy. However at this current point in time, I am still a rank
beginner. If this list is not the place for beginners, than I
apologize and will lurk until I know more.

I have read through TKD, and am doing the lessons on KLI. I'm doing a
two to three KLI lessons a week, and putting the vocab introduced in
them into Anki. I've just completed the lesson on basic family vocab,
which leads me to my question.

Let's say I have two sisters named Alice and Carol. What would be the
best way to say "Alice and Carol are my sisters"?

Would it be

be'nI'wI' chaH Alice'e' Carol'e' je


be'nI'wI' ghaH Alice'e' 'ej be'nI'wI' ghaH Carol'e'

or something else entirely?

Thank you for your many inevitable corrections.


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