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Klingon word: pu'HIch
Part of speech: noun
Definition: phaser pistol

  loS pu'HIchmey 
  four phasers CK

  vagh pu'HIchmey 
  five phasers CK

  jav pu'HIchmey tIn 
  six big phasers CK

  pu'HIchwIj Daleghpu' 
  Have you seen my phaser? [sic! no -'a'] PK

 (KGT 56):  A disruptor pistol or hand-held disruptor (and there are several models of these) is a {nISwI' HIch} ... The more general term {pu'}, phaser, may also apply to the Klingon disruptor, but it is used just as often to refer to the Romulan disruptor, Federation phaser, and other similar devices. Since the word is short, {pu'} is heard frequently - even more frequently than {nISwI'} - especially in the throes of combat, in such formations as {pu'HIch} (phaser pistol) ... Despite the prevalence of the {pu'} words, in the strictest sense, the correct names for all of these weapons are the {nISwI'} forms.

(KGT 56):  The verb used for shoot when referring to disruptors is {bach}. Technically speaking, one shoots the energy beam from the disruptor. The general word for any energy beam (ray) is {tIH}, so a disruptor's beam is {nISwI' tIH}. Thus, the correct formation is {nISwI' tIH bach} (shoot the disruptor beam). As a practical matter, however, the {tIH} is often left out, and {nISwI' bach} is the common way to say shoot a disruptor. Similarly, {pu' bach} is "shoot a phaser." 

  N.B. Klingons also {Sen} "use the thumb" to fire some weapons:  {nISwI' HIch Sen} "fire the disruptor pistol". (lit. "use the thumb in the way it's most appropriately used on a disruptor pistol", "use the thumb to activate the disruptor pistol", "thumb the disruptor pistol" (cf. HQ 10.2:8)

(KGT 80):  Even modern weaponry, such as a disrupter pistol ({nISwI' HIch}) or disrupter rifle ({nISwI' bej} [sic!]), is decorated.

nISwI' HIch  	disruptor pistol,  hand-held disruptor KGT

  nISwI' HIch motlh HoS Hal qengwI' naQ tIq je lurarlu'bogh 'oH tlhIngan nISwI' beH'e' 
  The Klingon disruptor rifle is a standard hand held disruptor, attached to an extended power supply stock. S14

  nISwI' HIch Sen 
  fire the disruptor pistol. (HQ 10.2)

HIch  		handgun,  gun,  pistol (n)

  HIchDaj yIQotlh! 
  Disable his/her handgun! KGT


  A 22nd century pistol was seen in close-up as Dr. Arik Soon held it to Dr. Jeremy Lucas' head: "Do you have any idea what a Klingon disruptor will do to a human skull at this range?" (Soong to Archer, ENT "Cold Station 12")

  Early Starfleet phasers were called "phase pistol" in the 2150s (ENTERPRISE passim).

  The Romulans were using Klingon-style disruptor pistols in 2268. (TOS "The Enterprise Incident")  A good example of a 23rd century Klingon disruptor pistol is at 

  23rd century Starfleet phaser pistols have a "Disruptor B" setting. (TOS "Obsession")    The heat generated by a phaser pistol is 8,000 degrees. (TOS "That Which Survives")

  24th century Type-3 disruptors are used by Romulans, Breen and Klingons. (ST:Gen)

beH 		rifle (n)
puS 		sight (with gunsight) (v)
bach 		shoot (v)
mot 		be stunned (rendered unconscious) (v)

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