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Klingon word: qID
Part of speech: verb
Definition: joke, make a joke, tell a joke

(KGT 132):  One simile of this type associates a people with a quality opposite from one they actually typify:  {nong; vulqangan rur} ("passionate as a Vulcan").  This would be used to describe somebody who was not passionate.  As far as can be determined, this is the only use of irony in expressions of this type, and what led to this unique occurrence is not known.

(HQ 10.2:11):  There is a joke, Maltz recalled, about someone trying to lick some food off of a stirring stick while wearing shoes.  Maltz laughed, but didn't tell the joke." 

(HQ 4.2:5-6):  ... that old Groucho Marx joke, you know: "I just shot an elephant in my pajamas... and how he got in my pajamas I'll never know."  You can say that in Klingon, no problem; they'll get the joke.  There's not many jokes you can get to translate into Klingon, but that one would work.

 "to kid someone"


"A joke is a story with a humorous climax." (Spock to McCoy, ST4)

OKONA: "You don't know what a joke is?"
DATA:    "Of course I do. It is a witticism, a gag, a bon mot, a fluctuation of words
                  concluding with a trick ending." (TNG "The Outrageous Okona")

"Joke: a verbal comment or gesture designed to provoke laughter." (Borg Drone One to Doctor, VOY "Drone")

"I don't understand their humor either." (Worf to Data, TNG "The Naked Now")

Dogh 		be foolish, silly (v)
toj 		deceive, trick (v)
tlhaQ 		be funny (v)
Hagh 		laugh (v)
vaq 		mock (v)
nuS 		ridicule (v)

qID  		joke (n)
lut tlhaQ 	funny story (n)
Dap 		nonsense (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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