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Klingon word: tey'be'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: female cousin (mother's sister's child or father's brother's child), niece (man's brother's daughter
Source: HQ:v9n3p8

tey'  	cousin (mother's sister's child or father's brother's child), niece or 
                 nephew (man's brother's child or woman's sister's child) 

lor  	cousin (n) (mother's brother's child or father's sister's child), niece
                 or nephew (man's sister's child or woman's brother's child)
lorbe'  	female cousin (mother's brother's daughter or father's sister's daughter),
                 niece (man's sister's daughter or woman's brother's daughter) 
lorloD  	male cousin (mother's brother's son or father's sister's son), nephew
                 (man's sister's son or woman's brother's son) 

vIn  	cousin,  niece or  nephew 

yur  	distant cousin, niece or nephew (second cousin, grand-nephew, etc.)

(HQ 9.3:8):  {vIn}, in its plural form {vInpu'}, is used for a group consisting of at least one {tey'} and no one who is not a {lor} or a {tey'}.  Thus {vInpu'} may be translated "cousins, nieces, nephews."  If it's not a mixed group, then, of course, the plural forms of {lor} and {tey'} would be used ({lorpu', tey'pu'}).  {vInpu'} might also be used if the speaker is unsure about the makeup of the group (but sure enough to know that {vInpu'} is a better choice than {yurpu'}.  The singular form, {vIn}, is also sometimes used in place of {lor} or {tey'} when focusing on the {vIn} as a member of a group of {vInpu'} as opposed to his or her specific relationship to the speaker.

See naHQun's helpful chart at: http://www.angelfire.com/tx4/purpleelaphants/tlhInganHol/qorDuSor.html 

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