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> The difference is like
> {wItlha'taH} - "we will keep following him"
> {wItlha'taHqu'} - "we will keep following him forever"

I don't think so. To express "forever", you need {reH} with either the verb
suffix {-taH} or the verb {taH}. {reH} by itself is just "always", and
{-taH}/{taH} just mean "continuous"/"continue". The concept of "forever" is
expressed as "always, in a continuous manner" in Klingon.

Here are some examples from canon with the "forever" meaning:
{pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'.}
{reH tlhInganpu' taHjaj!} / {reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj.}
{reH 'uQvam vIqawtaH.}

{wItlha'taHqu'} is more like "we will KEEP following him" or "we will
CONTINUE TO follow him".

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