[tlhIngan Hol] Silly question of the day

Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Sun Oct 14 08:59:34 PDT 2018

Am 14.10.2018 um 13:48 schrieb SuStel:
> In *qIrq wItlha’taHqu’, *Klaa stresses the *tlha’* and the *-qu’,* just 
> as you’d expect. It doesn’t answer the question posed.

I think it does, depening how you read the question. He asked why he 
would need the suffix -qu' if he can stress the suffix with his voice.

My answer was that {-qu'} does not only stress its preceding syllable, 
it does more. That's why I quoted Klaa here. Klaa could have said 
{wItlha'TTAAHH} beut he cided to add {-qu'}, making the taH suffix more 
than just -taH. That's more than putting emphasis on it.

Maybe I did not express my thoughts enough, or I didn't understand the 
question correctly. Perhabs mayqel can just say if my answer was helpful 
or not.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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