[tlhIngan Hol] qepHom 2018 - miscellaneous

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
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> rIch v. talk about, discuss – The object of this verb is the topic of
> the discussion.

lI'qu' mu'vam; tlhIngan Hol wIrIchmeH tlhIngan Hol wIlo'!

> rutlh v. be round – like a circle

rutlh je moQmey 'e' vIloy. chaq jatlhlu':

rutlh tera'; moQ rur.
rutlh ngaSwI'vam; gho tut rur.
rutlh navvam; gho rur.


qen wab rap mu'mey rIch 'op.

- nagh rutlh 'oH.
- nagh yugh'a' rutlh? 'ughlaw'!
- ghobe', rutlh 'oHbe'; rutlhbogh nagh 'oH. moQ rur.
- jIyaj.


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The words we received from Maltz for this year's qepHom were not sorted
by any system. I tried to arrange them by topics, which I will use in
the subject line, so the discussions about the words are also sorted.

boqHar n. miracle, wonder – you can say qaStaH boqHarmey!
Do qaD n. race (contest of speed)
Hap choHwI' n. replicator – The most frequently heard way to refer to a
replicator that produces food is Soj choHwI', but that's slang.
jantor n. witness – one who has actually seen or been part of an event,
ngar v. be miraculous, supernatural, wondrous
nguH v. testify
nguHwI' n. witness – one who testifies in court
'onroS n. drop – like a raindrop or a drop of any liquid
Qoy' v. spill – It's used when the liquid slops over or out of whatever
container it was in. If you bump into a glass of beer on the table and,
as a result, the beer spills, then you can say HIq vIQoy'moH(pu') jay'.
Qung v. be rounded, blunt – like the corner of table that is not a sharp

qur'ep n. wig
rIch v. talk about, discuss – The object of this verb is the topic of
the discussion.
rutlh v. be round – like a circle
SaqDaq n. landing site
tomter n. funnel

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"
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