[tlhIngan Hol] vogh Har'eymey DungDaq

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Fri Nov 30 07:29:14 PST 2018

majQa'! mu' <Har'ey> 'angpa' marq 'oqranD, jenbomvaD bomvam mughta' qurgh.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 10:10 AM Daniel Dadap <daniel at dadap.net> wrote:

> https://soundcloud.com/user-649584902/vogh-hareymey-dungdaq
> vogh, vogh, Har'eymey DungDaq, jen, jenqu',
> pa' Sep'e' jInajtaHvIS muDelbogh vay' tu'lu'.
> vogh, vogh, Har'eymey DungDaq, SuD, SuD chal.
> 'ej qaSlaH Hoch bojalbogh, boqaSmoHmeH pejal.
> 'opleS Hovmey vItlhob 'ej jIvemDI' 'eng vIHopmoHpu' 'e' vItu'bej.
> pa' tettaH Sengmey; chuch lurur, qach beb DungDaq muD Quch vIpur, pa'
> vItu'lu', 'ej…
> vogh, vogh, Har'eymey DungDaq, puv bo'Degh.
> Har'ey DungDaq puv bo'Degh, qatlh pa' jIpuvlaHbe'?
> Har'ey HayDaq puvlaHchugh bo'DeghHom Quch'e' qatlh pa' jIpuvlaHbe’?
> - - - -
> Somewhere, somewhere, in the area above the rainbows, it is high, it is
> very high,
> There is a country that somebody described to me while I was dreaming.
> Somewhere, somewhere, in the area above the rainbows, it is blue, the sky
> is blue.
> And everything that you can imagine can happen, imagine in order to make
> it happen.
> Some days from now I will ask the stars and when I wake up I will
> certainly notice that I have made the clouds far away.
> There troubles are melting; they resemble ice, in the area above the
> building roofs I breathe happy air, one will find me there, and…
> Somewhere, somewhere, in the area above the rainbows, birds flight.
> Birds fly in the area above the rainbows, why can I not fly there?
> If happy birdlets fly in the area beyond the rainbow why can I not fly
> there?
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