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I imagine that Okrand meant that, as in English, {‘enDeq} is the general term for a “bladder” – i.e. a membranous sac in animals which collects liquids – the various kinds of which can be modified by another word, e.g. urinary bladder, gall bladder, etc.  The unmodified term is most often used by itself (by non-doctors at least) for one’s urinary bladder, or {turmIq ‘enDeq}.

If I’m right, one could probably say *{tar ‘enDeq} for venom sac.  (Recall that in TNG “Genesis” Dr. Crusher examined a “devolved” Worf and noticed such a sac on his neck, whereupon he sprayed venom in Crusher's face, injuring her severely.)


From: Tad Stauffer
According to boQwI', there are two new words for "bladder":
{'enDeq} is linguistically unmarked (ie the default, such as Coke)
{turmIq 'enDeq} is marked (ie modified version, such as Diet Coke)

In English, the markedness for bladder words seem to be switched: "bladder" (unmarked) refers to {turmIq 'enDeq}. There's also English "gallbladder" (marked). Is {'enDeq} is actually Klingon for "gallbladder" and {HuH 'enDeq} is thus redundant?
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