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> In Star Trek V, there’s a scene where tlha'a HoD says “'entepray''a'?” and
> it’s captioned in English as “Enterprise?” Surely, he wasn’t adding the
> type nine verb suffix “-'a'” to a noun, so what was he doing?
> * Using the type one noun suffix “-'a'” to mean something like “The great
> Enterprise?”
> * Referring to the “Enterprise-A” with registry number NCC-1701-A
> * Momentarily forgetting proper grammar for a moment because he was so
> excited
> * Using a dialect or slang where forming questions this way is allowed
> * Adding the verb suffix “-'a'” to a noun, after all
> * Some combination of some of the above possibilities
> * Something else

I think the description of the {qaghwI'} in TKD is referring to this:
<The apostrophe indicates a sound which is frequently uttered, but not
written, in English. It is a glottal stop, the slight catch in the throat
between the two syllables of "uh-oh" or "unh-unh", meaning "no". When
Klingon {'} comes at the end of a word, the vowel preceding the {'} is
often repeated in a very soft whisper, as if an echo. Thus, Klingon {je'}
"feed" almost sounds like {je'e}, where the articulation of the first {e}
is abruptly cut off by the {'}, and the second {e} is a barely audible

Klaa is making an exclamation: "The Enterprise?!" {'entepray'a}

And by the way, his parents were so excited when he was born that this echo
is even found in his name: {tlha'a}!

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