[tlhIngan Hol] Is the emphatic {chaH} Ca'NoN ?

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 07:28:38 PST 2018

Lets say I write: {vIghro'mey legh} for "they see the cats".


Alternatively, I can write {vIghro'mey legh chaH}, for the same meaning.

maj again..

Often I read, that by writing the {chaH} too, I'm placing emphasis on who
it is who sees the cats; i.e. I'm actually saying:

"THEY see the cats".

Which is something I can't understand, since I always thought, that if I
want to emphasize the {chaH} I would use the emphatic {-'e'}, as such:

{vIghro'mey legh chaH'e'}

So, I would like to ask..

Why if I write {vIghro'mey legh chaH}, without adding the {-'e'} on {chaH},
I'm actually emphasizing it ? (the {chaH} I mean).

Can't I just be writing the {chaH}, in order to specify that it is "they"
who see the cats instead of "him/her/it" ?

Is this "emphatic" interpretation of {chaH} Ca'NoN or something ?

~ mayqel qunen'oS
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