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Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sun Nov 4 19:18:58 PST 2018

I created this primarily as a joke, so I discourage anybody from using it for anything serious. I’m interested in whatever feedback others can provide about either the Klingon or the suitability of this as an actual software license. In particular, I don’t love the use of “velqa'” here, so if anyone knows a better way to express “copying software” I’d love to hear it. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it here or on GitHub:


                                 nIqHom mab quv

nIqHomvam lulo' Hoch net chaw'. meq wIvlaH lo'wI'. nIqHomvam choHlu' net chaw'
je. nIqHomvam velqa' chenmoHlu' net chaw' je 'ej velqa' lInlu' net chaw'.
lInlu'chugh, tu'qom wIvlaH lInwI'. Hoch chawlu', 'ach cha' chut pabnISlu':

wa': reH nIqHomvam tlhejnIS mabvam. mabvan teqlu' net tuch.
cha': potlh mabvam mu'mey. mabvam choHlu' net tuch.

nIqHomvam lupeS neH peSwI'pu': lo'wI' ngoQvaD mIt 'oH 'e' lay'be'lu'. nIqHomvam
lo'lu'taHvIS qaSchugh vay', ngoy' nIqHom lo'wI' neH.

                        The honorable software contract

It is permitted for all to use this software. The user may choose the purpose.
It is also permitted that this software be altered. It is also permitted that
replicas of this software be created, and it is permitted that replicase be
shared. If it is shared, the one who shares may choose the form. All is
permitted, but two laws must be followed:

one: This contract must always accompany this software. It is forbidden to
      remove this contract.
two: The words of this contract are important. It is forbidden to alter this

The suppliers of this software only supply it: It is not promised that it be
suitable for the user's purpose. If something occurs while using this software,
only the user of the software is responsible.
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