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> The appeal of the contest is not just to have Marc Okrand like your
> sentence, but also to make it canonical Klingon. Part of the conceit of
> those proverbs is that there's a small, closed set of canonical ones that
> you're supposed to use rather than just inventing one on the spot. On the
> other hand, insults, toasts, and the like don't need to be canonized to be
> used or understood properly. There are known examples, but you can also
> just make one up. A better equivalent might be a contest to invent a new
> canonical idiom or slang word, although it would probably be harder to
> judge.

Fine, but surely there are more than just the two expressions to reject a
suitor given in Power Klingon. There may not be a small, closed set of
phrases one might use, but there must still be some relatively common and
well-known ones. I must go paint my nails? I'm getting a cast made of my
forehead? I'm about to leave for a friend's Rite of Ascension? Ditto for

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