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Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, May 13, 2018

Klingon word: ngel
Part of speech: verb
Definition: attract, lure
Source: qepHom 2017

(MO > LLL, qepHom 2017, p.14, WRT "bait" in DSC subtitles):  I think you can use either {tlhu'moH} "tempt" or {ngel} "attract, lure".  In either case, I suspect you'd use the {-meH} suffix. It would be something like "...use a spaceship in order to lure/attract/tempt them."  {ngelwI'} would be an attracter or a lurer, so that could be the noun "bait" in this context.

Here's the finished non-canon subtitle:

  pa'vovo' chaH DIngelmeH, 'oH wIlo'. 
  We use it as bait, to draw their flagship away from Pahvo.
   (DSC/sub "Into the Forest I Go")

(Felix, 11/13/2017):  Appears to mean something like lure, bait, attract, divert or draw (toward / away from). Interestingly, it's {leng} backwards, which might give some hint as to its meaning.

tlhu'moH 	tempt (v)
pon 		persuade, convince (v)

wam 		hunt (v)
nej 		look for, seek, search for (v)
Sam 		locate [seek & find] (v)
ghoch 		track, track down (v)
ghach 		lurk, lie in wait, lie low (v)
von 		trap, entrap (v)

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