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Klingon word: mI'wI' much
Part of speech: noun
Definition: dance show
Source: qepHom 2017

(qepHom 2017 p.8):  a show consisting of people dancing. It can be used to translate "cabaret" if the cabaret show consists entirely or nearly entirely of dancing, but that's a special and infrequent situation.
There are two other ways of translating "cabaret":

(qepHom 2017 p.8):   [{much Qe'}] "the show performed in such a place" vs. [{Qe' much}] "the location, such as a nightclub or restaurant where there's food/drink along with a show." 

(KGT 207):  No term in Federation Standard means quite the same thing as Klingon {mI'}. By the same token, no word in Klingon means quite the same thing as Federation Standard "dance". At many Klingon festivals, a popular group of performers is called the {qul mI'wI'pu'}, usually translated as "fire dancers". Since what the performer is doing is properly designated by the verb {mI'} but not really accurately described by the translation "dance", the visitor--particularly one who learned the Klingon word only by its usual Federation Standard translation--is in for quite a surprise when the show begins.

much  		present,  perform (music) (v)
much  		presentation,  show (n),  
much qach  	theater (i.e. building)
muchpa'  	theater,  auditorium (n)
muchwI'  	musician (n)

*HaSta much  	feature film,  movie (n) (DSC Netflix)
*ja'bogh much  documentary (n) (DSC Netflix)

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