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Don’t worry about this.  tlhIngan Hol proper nouns – people, places, ships, etc. - are often wrongly capitalized in the novels.  Ditto for any word beginning a sentence.  The non-tlhIngan Hol-reading copy editor helpfully “corrects” what s/he sees as an error out of habit, following the publisher’s in-house style book.  This only becomes a problem with {q} vs. {Q}.  Examine the context of the word in the paragraph or check how other tlhIngan Hol words are treated.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

From: De'vID

QamchIy - Qam-Chee, a city of legend. (I think this one's been mentioned on this list before, as well, at the same time as Suto'vo'qor)

Did this appear with a capital {Q}? It's consistently been {qamchIy} in other sources, so I'm wondering if this is how it appears in print and whether someone had capitalised it in error.

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