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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue May 29 09:21:01 PDT 2018

De'vID :
>> How would one translate "privacy" in "privacy policy"? We have {ngoch} for
>> "policy".   {GDPRmo' *privacy* ngochmaj bopbogh De' chu' pIja': ...} 

Daniel Dadap:
> As far as GPDR is concerned, maybe something like {De' tlhIn} for “personal
> information”? 

{De' tlhIn} "particular/individual information"

> It’s not “privacy” per se, but something based on {pegh}  doesn’t seem quite right.

As others have pointed out over the years, there's no Klingon word for "be private".  I think {pegh} "keep something secret, be secret, classified" and {peghHa'moH} "cause to not keep a secret" (cf. KGT p.153) come pretty close (at least from the Klingon point of view):

  pegh De'vetlh 
  That is classified information. CK

  De' pegh vIghaj 
  I have secret information. PK

  pegh vIttlhegh 
  A proverb keeps things secret. (HQ 5.1)

(HQ 5.1):  Infrequently the singular {pegh} "secret" (rather than the plural {peghmey}) is heard, shortening the construction to {pegh vIttlhegh}.  Since {pegh} is also a verb (meaning "keep something secret"), {pegh vIttlhegh} can also be interpreted as a sentence meaning something like "a proverb keeps things secret," that is, it withholds information rather than being a ready source of answers.  To some Klingons, this is a most insightful coincidence.

We have {ghotpu' tamey} "Personnel Files" from the special Klingon issue of _Star Trek Communicator_ (no. 104 [Aug-Sep 1995]) which uses {ghot} "person" (n).  {ghot ta} could also be translated "personal file" - not personal or private property but a file for each person in an organization.  Perhaps *{ghot De' ngoch}?  Compare with {beq may' ta} "the crew's record of battle" from KGT.   

Yet another option is to do something with the new verbs {'ot}  and {'otHa'}:

(Lieven < MO, 9/2017):  A verb to use for what Maltz does when he tells us new words is {'otHa'} "disclose, divulge".  ({'ot} means "withhold (information)".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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