[tlhIngan Hol] {'} as [t] - dialect?

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Sun May 20 22:15:24 PDT 2018

ghItlhpu' Daniel, jatlh:

> but I wasn’t aware that it was actually written in an archaic language.

jang loghaD, jatlh:
> It's really only the first three cantos that are written in no' Hol, but that's still enough to glean
> quite a bit of the shifts which have occurred. 'ISqu' posted a very good summary back when
> the book was first published:

The excellent summary that 'ISqu' posted was focused upon the phonology, and was a follow-up to my summary of no' Hol grammatical features, which Daniel may also find useful or interesting in this context.


Regarding the {t}/{'} issue, it may or may not be relevant to note also that the term {Heghbat} "ritual suicide" (KGT) seems to have a variant {Heghba'}, from Ann Crispin's novel "Sarek" whose Klingon material was also provided by Marc Okrand.

QeS 'utlh
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