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Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
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I'd like some words for talking about liquids and other media:

* float [on/in a liquid] (verb)

* be submerged in, immersed in, surrounded by [a medium] (verb) - i.e. "I cannot breathe because I am submerged in water." or "The specimen is surrounded by a vacuum.
Arguably, this is covered by {qat}, but that could just be a thin layer. {Dech} on the other hand is potentially too distant; island-dwellers are surrounded by water, but unless they're Atlanteans, they are hopefully not submerged in it.

* be slippery (verb) - Is this the opposite of {ghegh}?

* be aerodynamic (verb)

* to encounter drag, friction, air resistance, etc. (verb) - i.e. "The vessel is heating up because it is encountering too much air resistance."

* vacuum (noun)

Of course, the parts of speech are merely recommendations, as are the specific glosses themselves; Klingon might express these concepts different from how English does it.


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Wishlist suggestion:
ten million (number forming element)

That's assuming that there's a word X for ten million that would work like the other number words, i. e. wa'X cha''uy' wejmaH jav = 12,000,036
or maybe above 1 million, Klingon uses only existing number words, ie 10,000,000 might be :
or some other combo.

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- dust (noun)

- brace (noun) (as in "because the bone was fractured, he wore a brace")

- alphabet (noun) (as in "the english alphabet")

- gall bladder (noun)

- urinary bladder (noun)

- ureter (noun)

- devil (noun)

..and a clarification:

In a previous message, where I requested a word for "satan", I meant an official transliteration for the word.

In this message, I requested another word for "devil", because "satan" and "devil" aren't necessarily one and the same.

In the old testament, the concept of "satan" is quite different from the "devil" of the new testament.

I know, that none of these words will be granted, but I would like to be thorough anyway.

~ nI'ghma

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