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Actually, I was wondering about the syllable /-gon/.  I know of:

fedegon   		the Federation (used as adj.); a Federation person (TFR)
fedegonaase   		Federation Standard, the language of the UFP; in the style/manner
			 of the Federation (TFR)
klingonaase   		Klingon (adj), the language or "in the style of", i.e. "they spoke
			 French" or "that gown is very French" The suffix /-aase/ does not
			 quite equate to /-ese/; it has a connotation of worldview, or world-
			 manipulating tool. (TFR)

Is /-gon/ an shortened form of /-gonaase/?  We also find in THE FINAL REFLECTION:

rom zha   		the Romulan game (i.e. *latrunculo*) (TFR)
human zha   		chess (i.e. the Human game) (TFR)

Does /-gon/ refer to a political grouping or organization.  Could *{romgon} or *{humangon} be another way of referring to the Romulans or Humans as a group?  This may be a different kind of organization than {komerex}:

komerex   		lit. "the structure that grows", generally used to mean (growing or
			 expanding) universe, empire (TFR)
komerex romulan   	the Romulan (Star) Empire (TFR)
komerex Romaan   	the Roman Empire (TFR p. 203)
komerex fedegon   	the Federation (of Planets) (TFR)
komerex klingon   	the Klingon Empire (expanding), that which is within the Klingon sphere
			 of influence (TFR)

Oops, there's that /-gon/ again!


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On Mar 28, 2018, at 9:39 AM, Steven Boozer <sboozer at uchicago.edu> wrote:
> I don't know how *klin* relates to *klingon(i)* in Ford's version of *klingonaase*.

The name of the language itself is deconstructed as “tool for the manipulation of the embodiment of the *klin* principle”.

klin - the essence of what it is to be a warrior gon - the physical instantiation of an ideal aase - tool

-- ghunchu'wI'

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