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Klingon word: wab labwI'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: radio transmitter
Source: qep'a' 24 [2017]

(qep'a' 2017):  This is used for broadcaster, radio service, etc.  It can also be used for the device that does the transmitting.  If a distinction must be made, the device is {wab labwI' jan}. 

wab HevwI'  		radio (n) (TNK)

(qe'San, 11/02/2011)  "I suppose although that could refer to any signal receiver rather than the type of device you'd tune into to listen to music.  Having said that I took a similar tack but used {Se'}.  In the first draft as I didn't have sight of the images I was thinking of some radios being 2 way communication devices as well as what we have here so I had written {Se' HablI'}.  Marc said that although not wrong the picture depicted something that wasn't 2 way and wanted {wab} in there so updated the entry to {wab HevwI'}.  This also then fits better with cassette.

wab ta  		audio (file), [i.e. sound clip, recording] (n) 

(De'vID < MO, 2/25/2018):  A video (à la YouTube) could be a {HaSta ta} "visual display record".  The audio counterpart could be a {wab ta} "sound record" 

wab 			sound,  noise (n) 

wab qoSta' 'aplo'  	cassette  (n) (TNK)

Intersat Code was a radio code adopted by humans to communicate with other sentient lifeforms shortly after First Contact in 2063 and used in the mid-21st century by Earth's first colony ships (TAS "The Terratin Incident").  It was replaced by Linguacode (TNG "Tin Man") which was developed by Hoshi Sato (ENT "In a Mirror, Darkly Pt. II").

"I've been monitoring some of their old-style radio waves." (Uhura, TOS "Bread and Circuses")

Harry Mudd used subspace frequency 39 to contact the lithium mining station on Rigel XII (TOS "Mudd's Women")

Humpback whales George and Gracie were tagged with the radio frequency of 401 megahertz prior to their to their release into the wild from the Cetacean Institute. (ST4)

Data picked up low-level R.F. waves from Drema IV in 2365. (TNG "Pen Pals")

Qum patmey 	 	communications systems (n)
QumwI'  		communicator, communications device (n)

chaDvay' 		radio frequency, Hertz (n)
HablI' 			data transceiving device (n)
Se' 			frequency (n)
   rI'Se' 			   hailing frequency (n)
   'evnagh Se' 		   subspace radio (n)
Sotlaw' 			distress call (n)

lab  			transmit data (away from a place) (v)
lI'			transmit data (to a place) (v)
Qum  			communicate (v)
rI' 			hail (v)
rIS 			signal, emit a signal (v)

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