[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: nebeylI'

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Fri Mar 2 08:22:47 PST 2018

Klingon word: nebeylI'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: sarcophagus (fancy)
Source: qep'a' 24 [2017]

AFAIK only Qov has used the word in her (non-canon) captions:

  nebeylI' 'elrupchoHmeH Hoch lom ghopDu'wIj vIlo'. 
  I will prepare each of the slain for entombment with my own hands. (DSC "Battle At the Binary Stars") 

(qep'a' 2017 New Words p.11):  ... associated with ritual and honor and all that. It's much more than just a repository (and presumably it's fancier looking). Maltz said that at some point in the past, Klingons stopped using them (though they didn't necessarily destroy ones already there). He wasn't sure if they were used in one form or another for everyone or only for certain, presumably high-ranking, people. He also said something about using these words ({nev'aQ} more frequently) for sort of flying coffins/sarcophagi in space? (He wasn't all that clear about this.)

(Lieven, 1/02/2018) :  I just re-watched episode 2 of Discovery, and indeed, T'kuvma explained why they recovered their dead warriors: He explains that when a warrior dies while sleeping, he is just flesh and bones, but a warrior who dies in battle deserves his final honorable treatment.

Klingon sarcophagi from ST:Discovery: 
http://www.startrek.com/uploads/assets/articles/Photo-Sarc-Ship.jpg  http://www.startrek.com/uploads/assets/articles/Photo-Sarc.jpg 

nev'aQ		sarcophagus (simple) (n)
pel'aQ 		coffin (n)
jItuj'ep 		mummy (n)
lom 		corpse (n)

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