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> jIH:
> > - pressure (as in "blood pressure")
> Jeremy Silver:
> > {ngI'} includes with having a weight of, and having a pressure of.
> I am under the impression, that {ngI'} expresses "to be pressurized",
> which is another thing (I think) from "the pressure of the blood".
> ~ ni'ghma

​{ngI'} means "weigh, have a weight of". In the context of air pressure,
{ngI'chu'} is used to mean "be properly pressurized"​ but really means
something like "weigh perfectly, have the perfect weight". This makes sense
for air, because air mainly exerts its pressure by weighing down on things.
Blood, on the other hand, exerts pressure through the force of the heart's
contractions, so I wouldn't automatically assume {ngI'} would work for
blood pressure. (It might -- there's a reasonably obvious metaphorical
association between weight and pressure, so I could see a word for weight
being used for pressure also. But we don't know for sure.)

Perhaps something like {joqpu'ghach HoS} "strength/power of a heartbeat"
might work until we get clearer insight from Maltz.
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