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> On 3/29/2018 9:28 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> lieven:
> > If you mean this literally, we have {ngagh}
> Indeed I meant it literally.
> There are times that the desired meaning would be better conveyed, if we
> had a dedicated word meaning "someone performs sex on/to another", (i.e.
> "fucks another"), than just using {nga'chuq}.
> I know that probably we will not receive such a word, but I wanted to
> request it anyway..
> That would be *ngagh.*
> *targhlIj yIngagh! yIruch!** Go mate with your targ!* (PK)
> *targhlIj* is the object of *yIngagh.*
> Don't be fooled by the euphamism *mate with*. This had to be recorded for *Power
> Klingon* and get past censorship.
​I think *ngagh* might just be a regular word and not necessarily
profanity. None of the other PK examples of curse warfare​ are particularly
PG-13 rated, after all. I don't think it would be inappropriate, for
instance, for a farmer to use *ngagh* to describe what they want their
animals to do together, or a biologist to use it to describe what a bird
hopes to accomplish with his fancy dance moves. IIRC, it was also used in
paq'batlh for Kahless and Lukara getting it on after slaughtering a couple
hundred warriors together, so it presumably doesn't just apply to animals.
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