[tlhIngan Hol] vIta'pu'be' vs vIta'be'pu'

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
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I'd say you probably could say «vIta'be'pu'.» and be understood, but «vIta'pu'be'.» is more categorical: Not only has there been an instance of me not doing it, but also there have been no instances of me doing it (in the scope of time being considered).
Considering "I didn't do it" sounds like something you'd say when accused of doing something bad, you'd probably want to be clear about that.

«bIlugh. rut jIHeSpu'. 'ach roD jIHeSbe'qu'pu'!»
"It's true, I've commited a few crimes. But what about all the crimes I HAVEN'T committed?"

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ST5 notes:
> entepray' Hub patmey luchu'be'lu'pu'
> Enterprise defense systems are down.

However, I do wonder..

Based on the above example, why not write {vIta'be'pu'} for "I didn't do it" ?

~ nI'ghma
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