[tlhIngan Hol] tlhIngan Hol spellings of B'Elanna and Gorkon?

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Tue Mar 27 03:32:59 PDT 2018


The Duolingo course uses the names of existing Klingon characters from the
series, and it spells their names in Klingon.

There were two names which I'm not aware of having appeared in Klingon
canon, {beylana} (B'Elanna) and {ghorqon} (Gorkon).

I'd have expected *{be'elanna}, based on the prior example of {be'etor}.
The KlingonWIki *claims* that {beylana} is used "in email list", but I
couldn't locate any uses of it. Has a Klingon spelling of B'Elanna appeared
in any canonical or even extended canonical (Star Trek canon but not
tlhIngan Hol canon) source?

{ghorqon} appears to be spelled that way in Hamlet, so I guess that's at
least semi-official.

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