[tlhIngan Hol] {boQwI'} for iOS

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sat Mar 10 14:21:13 PST 2018

Hi all,

I've been working on porting the popular {boQwI'} Klingon Assistant 
program to iOS. I plan to publish it to the App Store within the next 
few weeks; if you are interested in testing it before the more general 
public availability, just e-mail me off list and I can send you an 
invitation to test via the App Store's "TestFlight" mechanism. The port 
is being done in Flutter, which supports iOS 8.0 and later on 64-bit iOS 
devices. Unfortunately I didn't realize that Flutter doesn't support 
32-bit iOS devices until the port was already pretty far along, but 
hopefully there won't be too many people who would otherwise be 
interested in running boQwI' that get left behind by that hardware 
support gap.

If you're interested, the project page for the port is up on GitHub: 

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