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What I have is also confusing:

'otlhQeD  quantum mechanics,  quantum theory (n)
        [qepHom 2014 & 2015]

'otlhtej  (someone who studies quantum mechanics) (n)
        [qepHom 2014 & 2015 p.13]


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On 6/22/2018 1:16 PM, SuStel wrote:

My personal dictionary has, for some reason, two entries for 'otlhQeD. One glosses it as quantum mechanics, quantum theory and gives its origin as qepHom 2014, the other glosses it as quantum physics and gives its origin as qepHom 2015. Can someone tell me whether I've got this right? My email archives only find the word 'otlhQeD in a message by De'vID on November 16, 2014, wherein he gives the quantum mechanics, quantum theory meaning. I have no saved images from qepHom 2015.

P.S.: The KLI's new words page lists it as meaning quantum physics, and having been introduced in qepHom 2015.



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