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> It's not spam if it's in or about Klingon. 

jIyajchu’, I was just feeling a little self-conscious about the frequency of the postings.

When learning a new language, I find songs and poems (especially children’s songs and nursery rhymes) very helpful, and after I had done the first one, I felt inspired to do more. If anybody is bothered by the frequent postings, I can wait until I run out of steam on the reconstructions and just do a single post with all of the songs or something. I’ve been doing them one at a time mostly to get feedback on any corrections I might need, since I’m still a novice when it comes to Klingon grammar.

I’ve been getting a lot less feedback on the grammar lately, and I wasn’t sure if it was because people weren’t reading the songs, or if it was because my grammar was actually improving. (The first draft of the first song was also written in about 10 minutes or so as I tried to capture the thought that randomly passed through my head, and I’ve been more deliberate about the others, so that could also be a factor.) I’d like to put these all together as a collection, and would like to make sure the Klingon language usage is as good as I can make it, in case other students of the language in the future want to use the songs as learning aids. I’ve been finding them to be very useful language practice, and quite enjoyable as well.
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