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David Holt kenjutsuka at live.com
Thu Jun 7 21:21:23 PDT 2018

jatlh De'vID:
> The advantage of the "k" -> {Q} mapping is that it's effectively

> "optional" on soft keyboards: if you type Klingon as you

> normally would, you wouldn't even notice it was enabled.


> With the "k" -> {Q} mapping, you can leave "xifan hol" mode on

> and the typical user (who knows nothing about font mappings)

> won't be confused when they're typing things in as-is. That's

> why that's the default, and swapping {q} and {Q} (i.e., "k" -> {q},

> "q" -> {Q}) is an advanced option.

I very strongly prefer <k> -> {q}, <q> -> {Q}.  In my mind the {q} is a "k" sound, but the {Q} is some strange harsh sound which is appropriately represented by an unusual letter (like a capital in Okrandian transcription and a <q> in xifan hol).  I much prefer to type a <k> for the "k" sound and use the <q> to represent that strange sound.  I understand what De'vID is saying about <q> -> {q} allowing one to type in either Okrandian or xifan hol without any confusion over letters and I suppose I could get used to whatever, but I definitely have a strong preference (and habitualization) for the more traditional way of doing it.

Jeremy (not David)
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