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Thu Jun 28 00:06:32 PDT 2018

ghItlhpu' nIqolay, jatlh:

> Other jokes that reference music are {Hut'In}, possibly {moD},

For mine, the joke on moD is too perfect for coincidence.


> the names of days of the week, and the toe verbs.

Obliquely, also QemjIq. Marc Okrand seems to be a Beatles fan.

(Tangentially, I'd always been struck by the resemblance of the musical instrument chuS'ugh to Chusuk, the so-called "Music Planet" in Frank Herbert's Dune. It seems to be little more than a striking coincidence, though; the chuS'ugh appears to have been coined by Howard Weinstein for the TNG novel Power Hungry in '89, probably from chuS + 'ugh, and retrospectively canonised in the TKD Addendum. FWIW, in Power Hungry the chuS'ugh is described as a four-stringed instrument, pear-shaped, about two feet high, and played with a bow while it rests on the knee. Perhaps the cello is the nearest European classical equivalent.)

QeS 'utlh
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