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Mon Jun 18 22:56:33 PDT 2018

ghItlhpu' ghunchu'wI', jatlh:

> Be aware that the guy on duty at the Morskan listening post was *not*

> mispronouncing his lines. They were written and given to him that way

> on purpose to hint at his being from an outlying region.

jang Quvar, jatlh:

> I've heard about that too. Then still... why was his words displayed on

> the screen still in ta' Hol? Does the Enterprise computer have an

> autocorrect function? ;-) haha.

> The screen said {Dujvetlh 'oH nuq} - so odd grammar, correct pronunciation.

Something that nobody seems to have mentioned is that because this is a display on a computer, this could very well just be a transcription of written Klingon from the ship's database. Okrand says explicitly in TKD that "[t]here is a native writing system for Klingon (called {pIqaD}) which seems to be well suited to the various dialects". In what way the writing system is "well suited" to dialectic forms is not explained, but it leaves me in very little doubt that regardless of how Morskans pronounce the ta' Hol word for "gladst", in pIqaD they'd presumably still spell it tlhay-'at-tlhay.

QeS 'utlh
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