[tlhIngan Hol] “A warrior’s drink”

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sat Jun 16 18:11:23 PDT 2018

Thanks, loghaD, ghunchu’wI’ je. I just started reading KGT, and read the description of vaj vs. SuvwI’ not long after your replies; good timing, I guess. I might steal ghunchu’wI’’s description of pIrun naH vIychorgh (we don’t have a canon word for prune, but I would imagine it ought to have naH in it) for my next audio story, most of which takes place at a Terran restaurant. One follow-up grammar question:

> vaj Soj 'oH pIrun vIychorgh.

I thought “to be” constructions like this needed a topic marker? i.e., it should be {vaj Soj ‘oH pIrun vIychorgh’e'}. Or is that a mistaken understanding?

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