[tlhIngan Hol] “It goes everywhere in the city” / puH Duj'a'Daq tlhe'taH rutlh

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 14 06:31:05 PDT 2018

Daniel Dadap:
> One question about the formula: I wanted to express the idea of going everywhere 
> within a localized area; would a noun-noun with “Dat” work for that? Specifically, 
> I was thinking “veng DatDaq jaH” for “it goes everywhere in the city.”

I would say {Dat vengDaq} "everywhere in the city". 

(TKD 27):  It is worth noting at this point that the concepts expressed by the English adverbs here, there, and everywhere are expressed by nouns in Klingon: {naDev} hereabouts, {pa'} thereabouts, {Dat} everywhere.  These words may perhaps be translated more literally as "area around here," "area over there," and "all places," respectively. Unlike other nouns, these three words are never followed by the locative suffix.

In other words, you can't  use {-Daq} with them.  Some people add {vogh} "somewhere, someplace" to the list, which Okrand says wasn't meant to be exclusive.  


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