[tlhIngan Hol] bIQ qoD Dujmaj SuD

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Jun 5 08:56:47 PDT 2018

On 6/5/2018 11:47 AM, Daniel Dadap wrote:
> Thanks; I had either never known that rule or had forgotten it. In 
> that case I should also be saying e.g. “bIQ qoD Dujmaj SuDDaq” instead 
> of “bIQ qoD DujmajDaq SuD”, qar'a'?


> What’s your opinion on “DujmajDaq maHtaH / naDev chaHtaH jupma' je”?

*naDev chaHtaH jupma''e'* needs that *-'e'.* It's required.

Also, to be an adverbial, *je* needs to follow the verb, not the 
subject/topic noun. There is no verb here, but the pronoun is doing that 
job, so this has to be *naDev chaHtaH je jupma''e'.*


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