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Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Wed Jun 20 19:39:22 PDT 2018

This started off as a joke that went a little too far. It’s probably not a great translation, but it was fun nevertheless. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t recognize what it is.

taw tIq vIlengpu',
pa'vo naDev vIpawmeH.
poH nI' jItuvqu';
tagha’ DaH paw poHwIj'e'!

I have traveled a long road,
In order for me to arrive here from there.
I was very patient for a long time;
Finally, now MY TIME has arrived!

'ej DaH'e' SuSDaq choH vIjemlaHbejtaH,
chal vIHotchoHlaH,
DaH muwaQbe’choHba' vay' 'e' vISov,
'ej vay'mo' latlh DoS vIbuSQo'!

And NOW I am certainly able to sense a change in the wind,
I have become able to touch the sky,
I know that now anyone is obviously no longer able to obstruct me,
And I refuse to focus on another target because of anybody!

tIq voqghach vIghajmo',
muDevmo' tIq, vogh vIjaHtaH,
Hoch vIchavlaH 'e' vIHar
'e’ vIvoqqu'bejtaH

Because I have heart faith,
Because the heart leads me, I am going somewhere,
I am certainly trusting very much
That I believe that I can achieve everything. 

HoSqu' qa'wIj net Sov,
muSIHlaH pagh, 'ej mughorlaH pagh,
Hoch Hovmey vIpawlaH
tIq voqghach, tIq voqghach,
voqghach vIghajmo’…

It is known that my spirit is very strong,
Nobody will bend me, and nobody will break me,
I can arrive at any star
Heart faith, heart faith,
Because I have faith.
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